Inside Ahimsa

From our early days, we've set the goal of developing vegan shoes with inspiration from classic and timeless footwear. We've also set the objective of making sure none of our shoes had any "buts", meaning they should not leave anything on the table when speaking about quality, durability and performance.

Traditionally, vegan shoes are known to be made from cheap plastics that were both of poor quality and also not very environmentally friendly. At Ahimsa, we have the daily mission to change this situation.

Guided by this goal, we strive to innovate and advance our line of footwear products in the direction of ever more quality, sustainability and comfort. Our team does not spare any efforts in the learning, bettering, and restoring of traditional steps in footwear making, and also in the search of the best available materials to reach our objectives.

With the Chris Boot, we have matched traditional footwear making skills, like the hand-sewing of the vamp, with the technology of a synthetic microfibre upper, and an extremely comfortable outsole from XL EXTRALIGHT®, making it a very special shoe that achieves every goal we’ve set.


Chris Boot