Founded in 2013, Ahimsa is a vegan brand that prioritizes love.

Meaning of our logo:

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Our factory


In 2014, only 6 months after our foundation, we took one of our biggest steps so far.

We openened the doors to our own factory. It was uncomfortable to know our products were being made by a third party who did not fully share our beliefs.

So, that is why we started our own factory. To this day, it remains the only 100% vegan shoe factory in the world.

  • Adriane Adriane
  • Alessandra Alessandra
  • Aline Aline
  • Ana Luiza Ana Luiza
  • Brenda Brenda
  • Bruno Bruno
  • Bruno Bruno
  • Carlos Carlos
  • Conrado Conrado
  • Cristina Cristina
  • Daniela Daniela
  • Daniela Daniela
  • Diana Diana
  • Diego Diego
  • Douglas Douglas
  • Edvânia Edvânia
  • Eliane Eliane
  • Gabriel Gabriel
  • Giuliano Giuliano
  • Helem Helem
  • Heloisa Heloisa
  • Jacinto Jacinto
  • Jaqueline Jaqueline
  • Jean Jean
  • João João
  • Joni Joni
  • Julia Julia
  • Márcia Márcia
  • Márcia Márcia
  • Mariana Mariana
  • Marina Marina
  • Mateus Mateus
  • Mauricio Mauricio
  • Milton Milton
  • Natani Natani
  • Nilda Nilda
  • Rafaela Rafaela
  • Renato Renato
  • Ricardo Ricardo
  • Ricardo Ricardo
  • Ruan Ruan
  • Thales Thales
  • Valdir Valdir

With a small, but very dedicated, team of workers, and a production almost entirely done by hand, we are very proud to sign our products with the message “handmade with love, in Brazil”.


  1. To question habits
  2. To manufacture sustainably
  3. To respect all forms of life
  4. To inspire conscious behavior

We were born to make a difference on the life of animals, nature, and our fellow human beings. Thru our products, we aim to share vegan lifestyle. Our goal is to have a more conscious society, one day completely free of cruelty.


To question habits, inspire change, without harm, and with complete respect for all forms of life.

Livre produtos animais

Offering high-quality products, made from alternative materials, that have long lasting durability, we will show the world that you can be in fashion, without cruelty.

Vegan Leather

Our corporate values

  1. Do no harm
  2. Live by truth
  3. Love the next
  4. Be responsable
  5. Do it all for our customers

Our Manifesto

Step to Believe

  1. We do no harm

    None of our products are exclusive. They are all collective pieces that transpire our beliefs. We do no harm, we questions.

  2. We are transparent

    We use alternative materials, but our main difference lies in our transparency. It lets through the light of consciousness, that helps us protect the environment and all forms of life.

  3. Question habits

    This can make you not only more elegant, but also unique. Not only for an alternative material, or a exclusive texture, but by wearing something you believe in.

  4. We wear what we believe

    By breaking habits and questioning traditions, we find peace of style and spirit. This is how we dress. If there are standards, we question them


We believe in the power of love, and it’s too great to remain only within us. Let’s share it!