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About Us

We were born to make a difference on the life of animals, nature, and our fellow human beings. Thru our products, we aim to share vegan lifestyle. Our goal is to have a more conscious society, one day completely free of cruelty.

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The story of how I turned vegan is very interesting and maybe a little unusual.

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Vegan Leather Story

Ahimsa was born with the purpose of creating quality vegan products for those who were already seeking it. Then, with the new material, we were able to reach a much higher quantity of people.

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Handmade Finish

Through our products, we aim to spread veganism. Our goal is to work towards a more conscious society, striving for a world completely free of cruelty.

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Cotton Canvas

According to the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers, Brazil ranks in first place in regards to water used in cotton production. More than 95% of the plantations are run just by rain water.

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XL EXTRALIGHT® is specialized in high-quality EVA products. Their patented technology offers lightness and guarantees comfort in every step taken.

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EcoSimple was founded in 2010 and uses discarded textiles and recycled PET bottles as raw materials for the production of their fabric.



Our Vegan Leather is made of polyurethane, more known as simply PU. It is a material widely abrangent on the market. This was a crucial factor in our decision do choose it, instead of others.

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Inside Ahimsa

Have you ever thought about working in a vegan shoe factory? Our team shows how is Ahimsa from the inside.

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How It's Made - Chris Boot?

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Footwear Production

Have you ever seen the footwear manufacturing process?