Vegan Leather

Our Vegan Leather is made of polyurethane, more known as simply PU. It is a material widely abrangent on the market. This was a crucial factor in our decision do choose it, instead of others. Before getting into further details, this material is very utilizes on the confection of mattresses, clothes, pillows, car seats, couchs, tires, varnishes, thermal isolation, and thousand more applications. Even the London Olympic Stadium roof used this material. Its spread turned in onipresente em many industries, such as shoes.


Yes we will address the elephant in the room. The polyurethane is provient od oil exploration, however, differently from other segments of this exploration e for its incredible dissemination, all the industry is committed to make it sustainable. In the last years, the PU recycling process has much advanced. Today this material is present on concrete blocks, asphalt, gym floors, track fields and some determinated shoe industry segment as well.


Besides the point listed above, it is worth sharing that a research group discovered an especies of equatorial fungus that is capable of turnin the PU bio degradable under arobians and anaerobian conditions. This is very promising and can help a lot on the reduction of residues generated by this material.


As any other material, 99% of the outcome of its sustanable potential lies on the hand of the user, which is suposed to give the correct destination of the product after its use.

We want to change the world and we will not measure efforts.